Research Projects


Some of the technical courses I have enrolled in:


As part of my master’s degree, I am currently working on vulnerabilities associated with uplink synchronization in practical 4G LTE and 5G cellular networks using Universal Software Radio Peripherals(USRPs) with commercial antennas, srsRAN’s open-source library for LTE protocols, high specification linux distributed(ubuntu) PCs, mobile phones and wireshark.

Prior to this (first year second semester of my master’s studies), we(my supervisors and I) submitted summary of a novel research problem we seek to solve in deep learning based multiuser communication systems to Korea Institute of Communication Sciences, and presented the research idea in a poster presentation. In this work, a well designed adversarial perturbation is transmitted by a malicious user alongside its original signal. This perturbation has a discriminatory effect of degrading the transmitted signal of normal users while rendering the malicious user’s own signal immune to this effect. [Find details from the links above].